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Cutest weirdo

Cutest Weirdo. 💗

I always walk like i am running away or i got someone chasing me.  well, thats how i have always been. Just like any other day i was walking towards my room.  Alone with earphone in my ears and  eyes on my foot. You know that moment right?  when you concentrate on one thing and forget that rest of the world exist?  Thats exactly what happened to me.  My friend called me from behind and i talked to her. When i turned to continue i bumped into a tall guy. I hit my head on his chest.  You know right? how it looks when a small girl bumps into tall man?  man i looked like a kid😂😂.
I was like,” i am sorry la”.  and walked my way. My friend laughed like she saw something very funny. I was trying hard not to get embarassed. ☺.Next day i saw him again, and he smiled, i looked back to see if there was someone else. No!!  he was smiling at me. 😂.”Aren’t you going to bump into me today? ”

he asked. My face started betraying me. God,I was all red☺☺.I wanted to punch myself for that. i repeated my dialogue,” i am sorry”,which only made him laugh.😠I noticed that he was a loner. whenever i saw him he was alone.  
Not a kind of guy who hangs around every girl all so smily. I swear he was damn cute😜.Looked matured but was boyish in a mysterious way. He was weird in a way i couldn’t understand, which earned him bonus for his awesome personality. Later i learned that he was like that since his high school. Nice but distant in a way no one knew. 
He was a nice guy anyway. ☺Whenever i saw him coming i tried my best to hide myself.  Sometimes i runaway like i was caught stealing something.  Gosh its hard running away when you keep bumping into eachother . Sometimes i pretented not to see him when i already did. 

He was just complicated to read.Whenever we met we just smiled at eachother 🤗. His smile was heartwarming, and sometimes my heart became abnormal 😜 .May be he is going to be my next crush😂.He was the cutest weirdo i met. 💓. Are you the one i bumped into? 😂😂

  • Next chapter coming soon. 

with love. 

kay Dee. 

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